S.O.D.M.G. representative Lil Playboii presents: “Make Her Mine”

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Check out the resume’…

You will quickly come to terms that one thing is sure, SODMG has the formula to create hits, make money and generate the what if’s that will keep you buzzin for years to come!  This young man is no exception…he came, is looking around and is gearing to conquer yet again, hit position in the elite of ATLANTA’s bubbling music industry!  With the new single “Make Her Mine”, Lil Playboii (SOD) is making heads bounce with this tune.  With help from his lil brother Yella Boy Trent…the two have masterfully engineered the next stage of the SODMG camp…

Download “Make Her Mine” Now!!!

Peep the behind the scenes video footage to the single Here!


Okay, where is the PR firm that reps this man?

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Um mm, can we just get a moment of Ur time please?  Stop this from becoming a complete PR catastrophe?

Hmm, very interesting interview…

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Man, it just makes sense when you talk about his choice to ride in Business, c’mon folks…we are talking dollars and sense here…Get to the money, if the money comes first, then get the power…whatever your selection, carry it out to the fullest…one and only one thing is for certain…not everyone will be pleased with your moves….

Chess anyone?

Check out the new Artwork,

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Just making sure yall see the improvements I am making to my staff…gonna bring ya more original music from the best of the unsigned artists, as well as the best designers and photographers out there who are just gifted and love what they do…

Gonna have a lot more positive content for your viewing and reading pleasure.  Yeah Boy!

In the meantime…I know this guy isn’t considered underground, but with all the industry trouble he has had, I support him either way…by the way, he gives us good music folks, and he has done so since his coming.  Young Joc, take the stage back my boy!

Download the new Fall smash hit single…”Yeah Boy”

Double E – “From Nothing”

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He is doing it again!  Yep,  soon to be released “From Nothing” is sure to land among the top rated and overall most consistent delivery from an unsigned artist in all of Atlanta.  Trust me, you wont be disappointed…that’s a promise!  Lol, that’s a bold statement huh?

Check out the video he released a while back, which remains one of my favorites.  The message is very simple.  At least it reminds me of my grind, my struggle, which I surely can relate too…Bet of few of you, if not all of you, know exactly what I mean…

Can it be so? The truth behind the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,

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Well, Lets see…when this was first sent to me I thought…”Okay, another conspiracy theory from someone about a prominent leader of American History”…but, after watching the video, then going on to watch the remaining videos on the subject…and trust me, it took me a few days to do a few things.  I first wanted to do my own little study, or research faction, on the subject.  And you know, all in all, regardless of what has been said…This is very interesting to say the least…interesting like WTF, yeah that interesting!  I pray for them that this isn’t true…but then again, there are so many things I have found in the past week I have been looking into this issue.  Again, for them, if it is true, I pray the community of African Americans has learned forgiveness if nothing else!

Peep the first installment of video’s on the subject…

Hey, some ish just belongs on SNL!

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Just watch this unbelievable but very serious situation thats happening as you read this!  LOL