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Blah Control Media Presents: The Rap Pack

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Lets see, How can I put this…Coming from New Orleans, weighing in at a Ton…naw, you get the point…these cats are just that bad…simply put.  Grown man swagga, taking on a brand that would ground a elephant.  Who else in the game could represent the tenaciousness of a Brand such as “The Rat Pack” and literally spin it into something more believable then gimmicky?  I mean you know like I know, or maybe you don’t but moreso then not, what you think you see in this music industry isn’t always what you see…or should see, most of what you see is just plain ole smoke and mirrors…except for a select few.  A few that I have been blessed to see in real time, in real life, behind the certain and it is actually what you see…The Rap Pack, is one of those selected few.  And you can bet your bottom dollar you will see then, hear them, hate them, love them, want to be them, but most importantly…You will Know again, the, for the first time…”THE RAP PACK”



Robin Thicke Feat. Nikki Minaj – 106 and Park performance…

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For someone who hasnt got the best album or even one for that matter, when she appears on a video I just cant take my eyes of her.  Nikki Minaj just does it for me! Lol, it is what it is but she is getting to the money so I got to give her those props.   Oh, yeah, b4 I forget, nice song Mr. Thicke, lol, for real.  Thanks for adding Nikki!