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“WTF” (cont’d) – Any ?uestions?…

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“…Wondering if there is anything she can say after this one…” I mean, please, just say something…respond please…this could be classic!

“WTF” of Today and Tommorrow! Hilarious!

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“…Okay, Okay…who is this chick again?  Anyone?  LOL, okay, honestly, it seems she is messed up on something or other, but, if she plans on putting a site together and blogs like she sounds…I will peep it just for the laughs alone…daaayyyyymmmmmnnnn recession…”

See ya’ in a few Wayne…

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Free LiL Wayne

He came, he saw, he conquered…and will come back and conquer it all over again…A year, its not that long if you think about it.  Alot of us miss a lot of things planning our years away…and while your laughing at some of them like, Lil Wayne, for being irresponsible and or his boys for not taking the lick for em, be ready, when he returns, he will be even more of a force.  Why do I believe that you ask, well its simple…He was everywhere before the incident, and as we all know in HiP HoP or the entertainment world period, when a cloud darkens your career, your bank account seems to grow a lil larger…just a little bit.  But that is not to say, he is still one of the most interesting and talented artists left to entertain us so, see ya Wayne and I know your next album when you return is gonna blow us all away…lol, plus, just a quick side note…we all needed the break, lol, so get some rest, revitalized and set, I know we will be hearing more….

Till Then…

Lil Wayne’s “She’s On Fire” Video…Official!

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I have heard some of the leaks and talk on the net and streets about Lil Wayne’s rock album and I gotta say…I am diggin it.   Amidst the negative press that it has been getting, I am on board because simply, he is thinking outside the box, and not being afraid to fail or try something new inspires me…Go Wayne…

By the way, The song is hot!