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“From Nothing” Its official…

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Now, just as you all have heard me say countless times before…when you come across good music, people, you should take the time to really take a listen…seriously! Dont go posting on Facebook and on blogs how music sucks now-a-days, but then, somehow…seem to pass on street classics. I will be the first to admit. Most of these pointless gossip forums, talk about good quality music, then when its downloaded or sampled, its usually from some PR firm or artist who has made a connection to the blogger or website, and got their lame ass music played. Naw this ish right here nuccccaaaa, is that FYE…Straight Up!

Click the Here and download the “From Nothing” Mixtape from Atlanta/New Orleans rap artist Double E…then go and brag that you got it here first, then, make copies and send to all your friends… as many times as you like!

Funny Video…Young Money’s “Every Girl” Spoof…

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When I first watched the video I was expecting something totally different then what I got, lol.  Actually this should be posted and re-posted and sent to public and private schools alike.  It totally educational…in a creative, artistic way…

Click the pic to view at

Amalga Music Presents: “RMTM” The Regis and Marcellus project!

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I’ve noticed that over that last year or two,  aside from the normal brain drain music that has been eating up the radio airwaves, there have been a few spectacular showings of good sound hip-hop surfacing with sounds from the Young Money staff, Lupe Fiasco, Double E, etc.   I was given a opportunity to preview first hand the rap duo hailing from Orlando, Florida and I am going on record to state that these two young men are defiantly on the road to success.  I mean listen to it, these two are definitively straying from what is known as the Florida sound, which I absolutely admire about their music.  Thinking outside the box and giving you something for the most part, tastefully original…

Regis and Marcellus are creating the new breed of Florida rapper and delivering sound, quality bangers for your new age hip-hop consumers….Click the Pic and the following links for leaks of their forthcoming ‘2010 release…”RMTM”.

“Do It Again” Video


“Was Up”