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We have to stay involved, for Gods sake, bless Them! (“Graphic Video Footage”)…

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Text YELE' to 501501 to donate $5...Help them Please!

I was listening to a few people speak on what was happening in Haiti, and I could not believe what I was hearing!  How can we as Americans be so insensitive to what is happening over there?  The country that gave millions in a Bailout money to bankers and car companies, those individuals whose only purpose is to turn a profit on the rest of us lowly americans…why did we do a silly little fund raiser and have a few celebrities answer phones and perform, mostly to promote upcoming projects or projects that are in stores currently, which only raised a few million to send?  I mean dont get me wrong…anything we send is better then nothing, but I know we could have done more!  Thats why I am saying people if we wait for the government to step in and help, we will be waiting a long time.  And time they dont have people.

Just get involved, by any means necessary.  Please!

I posted this video to show why things are getting much more worse then better, and being idle and ignoring them is not a good look, for none of us!…Keep in mind, this footage is very graphic, and just may not be for you…View at your own risk!

Click Here or the Pic to view Video!

It’s not Over…”Lets continue to be involved”…

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Text YELE to 501501 to Donate $5..."Please Help"

Before we start moving forward with our daily lives, lets keep in mind that what is happening to Haiti is still very much real and painful with every day that passes.  We can not stop supporting them as they recover and rebuild.  Anything you can do from Giving at your local Grocery Stores or Donating by way of Text’g, sending unused clothing or articles that may be useful…Either way you decide to help them, please continue…nothing is to small I promise you!  We have to realize just how blessed we truly are when witnessing something of this history making proportion, devastate and destroy the lives of thousands of Human Beings…

I am donating every month for a year!  What will you do?