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“From Nothing” Its official…

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Now, just as you all have heard me say countless times before…when you come across good music, people, you should take the time to really take a listen…seriously! Dont go posting on Facebook and on blogs how music sucks now-a-days, but then, somehow…seem to pass on street classics. I will be the first to admit. Most of these pointless gossip forums, talk about good quality music, then when its downloaded or sampled, its usually from some PR firm or artist who has made a connection to the blogger or website, and got their lame ass music played. Naw this ish right here nuccccaaaa, is that FYE…Straight Up!

Click the Here and download the “From Nothing” Mixtape from Atlanta/New Orleans rap artist Double E…then go and brag that you got it here first, then, make copies and send to all your friends… as many times as you like!


“fUCK yOU” by C-Lo Green…

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“Simply Entertaining” – Guss Blue

Welcome to the Stage “Glorie”…

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Okay, now previously I sent some info on the coming of this young lady “Glorie” on the article just before this one.  I promised that I would post some music from her forthcoming EP.  So, for all the haters who are saying she sounds like all the rest…you might want to brush up and refresh your hating game.  She sings, dances, writes and produces alot of her own music.  All of that at the tender age of 19…lol, Oh, what are you haters gonna do when she is a seasoned vet?

Click the Banner to Download her single “Haters, Camera’s, Light’s”…

…and if that was not enough…I also added a lil something for the fellas…Ha!

New Music from T.I. and Rick Ross…Download Now!!!

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Click the Pic to Download…

Click the Pic to Download…

Make sure you download the these two mixtapes from Rappers TI and Rick Ross.  Some pretty good listening in these two giveaways.  Rick Ross always gives you a good listen but TI is on a path to destroy anyone who thinks he fell off…nah…dude still the hottest in the game!  Point Blank!

Indi Tunes: STEEL – “Get My Cake” – Youtube video…

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One of my business associates forwarded me a artist he ran into recently and asked me to check out his song “Get My Cake”.  At first glance the song didn’t catch me until I watched the video…then it made me laugh which is always a cool thing.  lol, ya know a laugh where I was actually laughing at scenes in the video and not the artist or the artists attempt at rap or balling.  Steel actually had a pretty decent message to go along with the video and therefore I thought it would be my pleasure to display his work on my blog.  I try to stay as positive as I can!  So Nice Video Steel…the kids were a cool touch!  Follow Steel on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Youtube.

Can Hip Hop sound like this again?

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Just sounds like its growing up a bit…naw, wont happen…at least till the records companies are all the way out of business…ahhhhh, patience young guss, patience!!!!!!!!

Anyway, peep the message…nice!

Just in case you forgot…

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Word is that BET has banned Ciarra’s Video Ride feat. Luda, not sure why though…I mean it cant be any worse then Bey’s prancing around on that video Put A Ring On it, or whatevea…Or them showing Lada Gaga’s Telephone with a kitchen full of Gay’s…not sure how much more Taboo this was but…hey, I’m broke, home from work and bored…lol…

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