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Download the new ish…From T.I. to Janet Jackson…

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T.I.- “I’m Back” –

Janet Jackson – “Nothing”

Kelly Rowland – “Smooches” 

Gucci Mane – “A Hoe Gone Be a Hoe” 

Hurricane Chris – “Secret Lover” 

New Banger Alert! Hurricane Chris feat. Cherish…”Secret Lover”

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New Banger Alert!!!

Hurricane Chris featuring the R&B group sensation Cherish, have graced our ears with a new certified banger called “Secret Lover”.  Trust me, your going to be hearing this one soon on a radio nearest you…just remember who brought it to you first.  Since H. Chris did the Halle Berry song, honestly I was a little timid about where the direction of this rapper was headed, I mean to me, he is far to talented to have released a single like that, but understanding the industry and how it moves I understood the reason for the single.  This one however, brings back to the basics all that I loved about this young artist’s skills.  Produced by Up and Coming producer Scorp Dezel, this one is for sure to light up your iPod.  Trust that!

Producer Scorp Dezel Twitter

Click the play button and check it for yourself!