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Welcome to the Stage “Glorie”…

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Okay, now previously I sent some info on the coming of this young lady “Glorie” on the article just before this one.  I promised that I would post some music from her forthcoming EP.  So, for all the haters who are saying she sounds like all the rest…you might want to brush up and refresh your hating game.  She sings, dances, writes and produces alot of her own music.  All of that at the tender age of 19…lol, Oh, what are you haters gonna do when she is a seasoned vet?

Click the Banner to Download her single “Haters, Camera’s, Light’s”…

…and if that was not enough…I also added a lil something for the fellas…Ha!

Amalga Music Presents: “RMTM” The Regis and Marcellus project!

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I’ve noticed that over that last year or two,  aside from the normal brain drain music that has been eating up the radio airwaves, there have been a few spectacular showings of good sound hip-hop surfacing with sounds from the Young Money staff, Lupe Fiasco, Double E, etc.   I was given a opportunity to preview first hand the rap duo hailing from Orlando, Florida and I am going on record to state that these two young men are defiantly on the road to success.  I mean listen to it, these two are definitively straying from what is known as the Florida sound, which I absolutely admire about their music.  Thinking outside the box and giving you something for the most part, tastefully original…

Regis and Marcellus are creating the new breed of Florida rapper and delivering sound, quality bangers for your new age hip-hop consumers….Click the Pic and the following links for leaks of their forthcoming ‘2010 release…”RMTM”.

“Do It Again” Video


“Was Up”