The Road To “Glorie”

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Just so my fellow Guss Blue’ers know…my publishing to this post is slow for a very good reason. Now on one hand, as I attempt to add a positive spin on blogging, as well as streaming to my folks what I can appreciate as good quality info and music! Some of you have asked about my take on things like TI’s wedding and other rumors that circulate the net…and to answer all of them in one fail swoop, heck folks I don’t know those people, lol so I can’t tell you what I have no knowledge of! And if I did know them, I’m not as cool with the sharing of personal information belonging to those people and their families! Now, that being said, If you are looking for the Mess, as some people put it, naw, not here…here your only gonna find a good look into the future of a certain person, place or thing! And secondly I am making moves, daily, I am around what some of you folks call celebs…but I see them as normal, sometimes breath-stinking, farting and basically normal human beings. So working with them is to me as simple as hanging out with someone at the game-room!

So now, on to why I am here! I recently ran into this young lady at a listening session and was outwardly stricken by her beauty as many many many of you will be…but when the engineer pressed play, it’s like everyone in the room just paused! Believe me or not this young lady is gonna make history in this industry, and it would have been my pleasure to have known her before she is global! Take the journey on the road to “Glorie”, you won’t be disappointed….

But your gonna have to wait for a sample, a few labels are asking this one be hush hush for now! (wink) I’m gonna grab you all something though, that’s a promise!