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“Im Feeling Like” – The Rap Pack (Full Video)

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When I sip my Cognac…I like the feeling sort of like this video gives me…I’m always feeling like…yeah!

Do these people really want to Know, what Juicy means? LOL…

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Guess ole Guss is gonna really have to show em…nothing against Kim K., she is rocking the nice backside and all, but real talk, if the subject is juicy rears…lol, Here are real variations….


OkAY, oKAy, oKAy….Last but certainly not the least…

…any questions?

Celeb Sex Tape Central

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I know this is old and alot of you all may have seen some of these already.  In case you havent, I stumbled across a website that list most of the sex tapes from your favorite or not so favorite celebs.  With all the hoopla about Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s tape back in the day, I didnt see it cause I couldnt find it, then bam!  Lol, while making sure it was the real scene, I also came across Flava of Love’s New York, EvE  (I didnt even know she had one), that girl from Family Matters amoung others…

So just have a look see if your interested…

Click the Pic (Adults Only, must be 18 or older)