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Real Wives Kim and NeNe are out!

Posted in Silly Ish with tags , , on December 20, 2009 by gussblueonline

According to sources the crazy duo of the hit TV show Real Wives of Atlanta are out!  Seems the two wanted more compensation to get on the tube and act out all the idiocy they could find.  Apparently the network figured they could just as well get another crazy bish to replace them and keep it moving…so this one is still playing out…stay tuned!


Real Housewives of Atlanta Emergency!

Posted in 1, 1 Love, First to get my damn' Attention! with tags , , on December 12, 2009 by gussblueonline

Here is and interesting tidbit about the most god awful show next to Keisha Coles mom and sis…The word on the street is that NeNe and Kim may not be coming back to the show for the third season because they want more doe to act like hood rats…okay, well spoken hood rats I guess.  Honestly, why replace em, just give em what they want…the question is…would N.E. one watch this without them…lol, HELLLLLLL NaaaaWWWWWW !

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