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What else can we say about the miracle that was the man…

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Trust me…I am gonna say this one more time and put this to bed, to bed people…nothing else to argue, discuss, portray, develop, research or format…”THIS MAN IS THE BEST TO EVER DO IT, WILL EVER DO IT AND I LIVED FOR A PORTION OF HIS SEASON!  I know all have said rest in peace to the man, but I am gonna go a little higher with my gratitude.   Thank GOD for giving us such a presence on earth and in life will I ever forget him or the incredible inspiration he was to everything I love about Music!

Now, lol, here is the story….Its freaking Unbelievable!

Musical LEGEND Michael Jackson, in death, is still shattering records.

“The estate has made around $900 million in cash since Michael’s death. This is an incredible amount. No other artist has ever made that much since they died. It should ensure Michael goes down in history as the greatest artist of all time.”

Record sales soared as soon as news of Jackson’s death was announced on June 25 last year. More than 415,000 albums were sold in the first four days in America alone – and 2.3million songs were downloaded across the world.

In the previous year Jackson, who was struggling to pay off $500million of debts and was selling off his beloved Neverland Ranch, had sold just 10,000 records, got cash from 37,000 downloads – and made an estimated $19million.

Will there ever be another star like MJ? I wonder! Again, the person I jacked this story from has to only ask me this question…lol, HELLLL NAWWWWWWWW!   Case Closed!

“We Are the World”…Local Version…Excellant!!!

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Hey Folks, sorry I have been gone for a while, had to get a few things done within my organization and what not, but, without further a due, lets get back to it…

I have seen the celebrity version of this but I decided to post this one instead, ya know, give the little people some much needed exposure.  They are pretty damn good if you ask me…all of them…

“Just to keep it in Perspective”…

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Just to give things a little perspective when referencing my previous story of the Top 20 Albums sales of 2009…When compared to what the fallen King of Pop has done in six months you will then know why we lost the greatest to ever do this, Period!

Micheal Jackson sold more then 29 Million units worldwide…Simply put…Click the above pic for the Story…

Captian Eo, Micheal Jacksons Disney film is set to re-enter the amusement park…

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Well the Mike J gravy train had to travel towards disney…simple cause he was single handedly responsible for about 4 million ticket holders when he released this mini movie back in the late 80’s for the disney franshise.  Erriebody knows that when Captain Eo came on (T.V. commercial of course), we all were making plans to travel to Cali or Orlando, depends on where you lived, to see Ole Mike J in action, and in 3D of course.

Well Apparently its coming back to a Disney Park near you so people like myself who didnt get to see if before it was taken away, will be planning a trip, to the park, taking the kids, so they can be my excuse, and seeing this before I die.  LOL, All hail the King of POP, Micheal Jackson…Elvis who?

In More MJ News…

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Its been a while since we lost the King of Pop, but his legal woes are still alive and well, and will most likely stay alive for as long as we are…lol, seriously!  Its seems in recent court related documents, that the executors of his estate are now asking for more money to handle the estate…seriously!  And now for the job that they went to school and trained for and put in all types of intern hours and finally getting the call and going to work at a firm of some sort, leading them to the spot they are in now, have decided that dealing with Micheal Jackson’s estate is more work then they bargained for and need more compensation, which would probably be a percentage of all his estate is worth.  Wow, I am glad that the people who had to clean up the flooded streets of New Orleans or the wreckage of the World Trade Centers are not feeling that they would en-fact one day, have to go above and beyond their normal call of duty.  Even more-so as a tax payer I am happy that when you become a police officer or firefighter that you are expected to know that you may one day go into a burning building or have to chase down some crazed bank robber or something.  What would our taxes be if they could ask for more money anytime the situation got bigger then expected.  Lol, Seriously!

Michael Jackson’s Rock wit U – Fan Rendition!

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I started watching this thinking it was going to be one of those stupid videos of some lonely fan making fun of the late King of Pop, but actually its pretty good, well, its straight enough to view or pass on for viewing.  He added his lil Roger Troutman dedication in there too, which I thought was cool.  Dude is having fun!  Nerd Fun, but fun nevertheless!