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Check out the new Artwork,

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Just making sure yall see the improvements I am making to my staff…gonna bring ya more original music from the best of the unsigned artists, as well as the best designers and photographers out there who are just gifted and love what they do…

Gonna have a lot more positive content for your viewing and reading pleasure.  Yeah Boy!

In the meantime…I know this guy isn’t considered underground, but with all the industry trouble he has had, I support him either way…by the way, he gives us good music folks, and he has done so since his coming.  Young Joc, take the stage back my boy!

Download the new Fall smash hit single…”Yeah Boy”

Why B5…Why?

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While over surfing one of my favorite daily doses of info,  I came across this story of P.Diddy’s Boy Band B5 and discovered there is a sudden change in their swagg.  It was hella drastic!

Click the pic for the New B5 Image and story…

Que from Day 26 has been kicked the F*&k out!

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I will admit that I watched a few episodes a few times last year and this dude (Que) was gonna be the one to either be kicked out our leave the group first.  I knew it.  Seriously!  Anyone who knows a little about this industry first learn to read personalities, and watching him his pre-madonna diva-ishness was already telling me a year ago, dude was gonna let the moment and the position get to him, well before he got to the money.  Lol, the funny thing is now he is gonna have to grind hard, to get to the money, although I will say this on his behalf, it’s much better to split a take one way then 4 ways…lo, good luck homie!

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Best Damn wax figurine made…

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For the most part…if you are a celeb and have been a beckon of light in the entertainment world, you will be rewarded with things from awards, stars of concrete on a sidewalk or a wax figurine that will forever immortalize your likeness for the following generations to marvel at your greatness.  Seems P. Diddy has accomplished most of these with the exception of the star in Hollywood, but I could be wrong…(didn’t feel like looking up the info).  Looking at the picture of his new wax figure on display at Madame Tussauds, I cant imagine any other sculpture looking this real.  I saw the one snoop had and this one is the realest.  Those sculptures did their thing on this one…Thats what’s up Puff.

Click the Pic for full Story…

Remember these young Ladies…

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While site hopping this morning, I came to and found a pic of Sara Stokes, formally of P. Diddy’s first season of making the Band and Risky of Real and Chance of Love.  WOW!  Risky was always the baddest chick on that show, in my opinion, but I am noticing something very different about Sara, and I must say, I am diggin it.  Oh, by the way, they are now models for weave!  Don’t sleep on it though…its a pretty lucrative business!

Is Diddy getting Hitched?

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The word on the street is that Mr. P. Diddy is about to call it quits on his playboy status (or playgirl), lol, and settle on down with his on again off again current ex., baby moms Kim Porter.  Talk about diligence…this woman has been through everything and seen everything that a relationship can consist of.  Kudos to you Kim if this is actually true.

Also, it is rumored that his current jump off, Cassie, has been informed that her journey has ended, at least as his side chick, so she has been told to find another place to reside, other then his L.A. condo.  Like I said before, being married or deciding to marry doesn’t necessarily mean that he is gonna live right.  This one we will just have to see!  Good Luck Cassie!

Guess this one is for the books…I will be keeping  my ears open, as soon as I know, you will know!

Cassie is trying to say something…Or at least it sounds that way…

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So, what you guss bluers think?  Is she sending shots at P. Diddy’s Main Squeeze Kim Porter?  Diddy got to get a grip on his artist if this is what is going down…lol, she getting a lil reckless with her lyrics…cause I’m thinking Kim is gonna take a lil sip to this…