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“Im Feeling Like” – The Rap Pack (Full Video)

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When I sip my Cognac…I like the feeling sort of like this video gives me…I’m always feeling like…yeah!


Interesting Look at Jay-Z’s new Vid…On to the next One…

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Just curious as to why he placed so many similarities of certain things in the open…Just wondering…

Where did this come From…WTF Clip of the Week!

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As Hard as it was to watch this video, I managed to suffer through it, squirting my drink out a few times in the process but, someone please explain to me why this video is online?  I mean there are about 30 things that I can find that just makes watching this video embarrassing.  Embarrassing for me as well as for the young lady featured in it.  I mean have you ever seen a woman trying to dance seductively but didn’t know how.  I was under the impression that if you were a woman, you were born with that skill…LMAO!  Guess Not!

Click the Pic for the Video…