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IDK…I’m just sayin….

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Interesting Look at Jay-Z’s new Vid…On to the next One…

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Just curious as to why he placed so many similarities of certain things in the open…Just wondering…

What do you believe?

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I have been researching the Order of the Free Mason for a while now, and like a close person of the masonic order disclosed to me, there are two sides to just about everything in exsistence.  Anything that you want to know will have what is seemingly the right side of things, then there is the opposite side.  I am not sure which is which when dealing with this order except, I am attempting to seek the truth, the light…and in whatever that means, should I find it, I find it.  End of story!  Interesting enough, there are videos of opinions where people make good cases about what they believe is the truth, but at anyrate, if I thought for a second that what they are saying to be the truth, then certain people whom are very close to me would seem outter worldly, if you understand what Im saying….

So take a journey for yourself.  I assume all will not get what the message is of this post.  But there are those who will.  In that order, take the journey, as I am.  The best teacher of anything is the knowledge of ones self…and then of the things around you…

I am going to post this video of a Man who believes what he believes.  Why did I have the notion to post it.  Because whether he knows it or not, he too, is seeking the light, lol, for whatever reason….

Check it out….

What are you thoughts…Watch the video, in its full length…