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Can it be so? The truth behind the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,

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Well, Lets see…when this was first sent to me I thought…”Okay, another conspiracy theory from someone about a prominent leader of American History”…but, after watching the video, then going on to watch the remaining videos on the subject…and trust me, it took me a few days to do a few things.  I first wanted to do my own little study, or research faction, on the subject.  And you know, all in all, regardless of what has been said…This is very interesting to say the least…interesting like WTF, yeah that interesting!  I pray for them that this isn’t true…but then again, there are so many things I have found in the past week I have been looking into this issue.  Again, for them, if it is true, I pray the community of African Americans has learned forgiveness if nothing else!

Peep the first installment of video’s on the subject…


How It should Read…(Bloggers Tip to Self Disipline)

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Say what you mean and mean what you say!  This is something I have been told from the elder men of my family while growing up years ago.  Constantly and Constantly that was the platform when dealing with life or survival of the streets I grew up in.  The projects were full of he Sayers and she Sayers and all in all, if you said something about someone that wasn’t true and it got back to that person, you had it out right then and there where it went wrong.  Fast forward to a new day and age where a lot of what people say to others or about a particular subject is done right here…online.  To most of us this is called Blogging.  Well, I aint gonna lie, I have been bitten with the blogging bug.  At first I read all the blog sites, I mean I do have my favorites that I visit daily for the fun gossip or whatnot but, I wasn’t thinking that one day I would have my own blog site, spitting out truths and untruths as I read it! 

Folks that is what it is…in so many words…truths or untruths.  I am saying that not because someone out there has said anything to me or threatened me…lol, but, as a blogger I want to speak to others out there that do this and state for the record that sometimes we do go overboard and state things that may not be true, not that we are just fabricating lies, but not having the story first hand or not knowing the person or persons we are speaking of directly, then it can be mis-understood as to what we are doing or saying as just plain lies.  Now, since I am a new blogger and most of my information that I post, I post from other sites.  So naturally if I post something and it turns out to be untrue, then I am guilty spreading a lie.  I know this, yet the feeling of just having a voice, no matter how big or small, is more righteous then the lie I may have just spread.  Lol, my apologies to anyone I may have written about in the past whom didnt agree to the post.  Its not my intention to dishonor your name but, if it’s entertainment your in…its entertainment that I’m after.   That being said, back to the personal issues I have with bloggers who are starting to think that because they said it, it should be so.  No, No, No…we have to remember that the people we are blogging about are just people and have opinions and problems just like we do..i.e Tiger Woods, Chris Brown, so on an so forth, and at times we have to take a stand to state only the facts, while entrusting our readers with knowing the difference between what we are stating as fact and what is just our own opinions.

We have to remember that we don’t have to like everyone we write about but keeping in good karma or ethics we should still remember that our personal view of these people should not effect good writing.  We shouldn’t wish the worst for someone, and give it life when we write it, because we didn’t like what that celeb may have done or said.  They are only human like us.  Now comes the fun part!  When we do actually come face to face with a certain person and words are exchanged and that celeb is feeling themselves like GYN Doctors, then it is our duty to inform the masses just how fickle most of these celebs are.  But I do want to cut them some slack.  Money and Power can be as powerful as the finest Congnac, and sometimes they get a lil drunk.  As do we bloggers.  We have readers and followers who comment on our topics and inadvertently throw our power around also.  Specially those bloggers whom have been blessed to have made this a pretty lucrative career.   I’m just saying that it can be a sickness on both ends if all those involved are not careful.  Just my thoughts on the whole blogging process.  I am gonna post a video by Sis Blogger Julia Beverly because all in all, she knows most of the people she may blog about and she really had a nice point that she made on the problems sometimes with people who blog as well as people who read the blogs and comment…All of us need a attitude check at times….