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“WTF” of Today and Tommorrow! Hilarious!

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“…Okay, Okay…who is this chick again?  Anyone?  LOL, okay, honestly, it seems she is messed up on something or other, but, if she plans on putting a site together and blogs like she sounds…I will peep it just for the laughs alone…daaayyyyymmmmmnnnn recession…”


LOL of the Week…

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See, I was under the impression that after you reach a certain age in the game, you decide to retire, ya know, to make room for the younger ones to come behind ya.  Someone really should pass the message on to Flav…lol, I mean really Flav?

In Double Life News…Jamie Fox…is he that dude or that DUuuude!

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While doing my surfing thing yet again I come across this story on about Jamie “Blame it on the Alcohol” Fox.  I assume it may be just a messed up story but in these days ya never know.  So before you go sending me crazy emails and frustrated texts let me explain again…I did not make up the story, I got it from  So without further a due…

The Gay Jamie Fox Story…

Where did this come From…WTF Clip of the Week!

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As Hard as it was to watch this video, I managed to suffer through it, squirting my drink out a few times in the process but, someone please explain to me why this video is online?  I mean there are about 30 things that I can find that just makes watching this video embarrassing.  Embarrassing for me as well as for the young lady featured in it.  I mean have you ever seen a woman trying to dance seductively but didn’t know how.  I was under the impression that if you were a woman, you were born with that skill…LMAO!  Guess Not!

Click the Pic for the Video…

Woman post video seeking, lol, for other women…Epic Loss!

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Lol, LMAO, LMFAO, LMFAOWLATI, or whatever acronym one can come up with while viewing this ish.  WOW, I mean, if another woman gives this chic a chance, honestly, there should never be another lonely brother…ever! lol