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Do these people really want to Know, what Juicy means? LOL…

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Guess ole Guss is gonna really have to show em…nothing against Kim K., she is rocking the nice backside and all, but real talk, if the subject is juicy rears…lol, Here are real variations….


OkAY, oKAy, oKAy….Last but certainly not the least…

…any questions?

“Sex Me” new single from 2.0 – Dare you to Hate it!!!!!!!!!

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2.0 Full Length Video – “L.O.N.E.R.”

This one is for the Fellas…”Got to keep ’em clean Homie”…Funny ish!

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This video is hilarious for a number of reasons, which most of you fellas out there know…but, just for the sake of being able to have a little fun with this subject, here is an instructional video to help you keep you ish clean for the ladies…

Or your dude, lol, which ever you have!

Mr. Hit Dat ~ Treal and Prince Rick ~ Collipark Music…

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Auuummmmmmm!  I guess!!!  What am I saying…lol, I couldn’t not…not listen…don’t know why, but just had to finish the video…