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How to Order Fast Food!

Posted in Silly Ish with tags , , , on January 3, 2010 by gussblueonline

” I need a double cheeseburger no pickle no onion, a honey mustard chicken wrap for my lil cousin…Two large fries, hi-C wit no ice, chocolate chip cookies make sure you made em right…”

Do what u do, see how to order fast food, with rapper swagg….


In Double Life News…Jamie Fox…is he that dude or that DUuuude!

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While doing my surfing thing yet again I come across this story on about Jamie “Blame it on the Alcohol” Fox.  I assume it may be just a messed up story but in these days ya never know.  So before you go sending me crazy emails and frustrated texts let me explain again…I did not make up the story, I got it from  So without further a due…

The Gay Jamie Fox Story…