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“RioT” by Rocc Star…its a new age…Rocc-Age

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Violator is doing the damn thing…over and over again. Aside from Having the most star studded Management roster in the Business with artists from P. Diddy to Busta Ryhmes…they are also quietly impacting the publishing houses as well with the signing of new Rocc-Age Entertainment CEO-Producer/Song-Writer/Artists like Californian “Rocc Star”. He is quickly becoming one of the industries Go To guy when the hits are whats needed. Working with many of the industries elite, Rocc Star is set to become a household name. In his debut single and video from the Violator/Rocc-Age family….”Riot”, is sure to becoming toa radio and Television nearest you.

Watch him literally start a Riot!


The Road To “Glorie”

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Just so my fellow Guss Blue’ers know…my publishing to this post is slow for a very good reason. Now on one hand, as I attempt to add a positive spin on blogging, as well as streaming to my folks what I can appreciate as good quality info and music! Some of you have asked about my take on things like TI’s wedding and other rumors that circulate the net…and to answer all of them in one fail swoop, heck folks I don’t know those people, lol so I can’t tell you what I have no knowledge of! And if I did know them, I’m not as cool with the sharing of personal information belonging to those people and their families! Now, that being said, If you are looking for the Mess, as some people put it, naw, not here…here your only gonna find a good look into the future of a certain person, place or thing! And secondly I am making moves, daily, I am around what some of you folks call celebs…but I see them as normal, sometimes breath-stinking, farting and basically normal human beings. So working with them is to me as simple as hanging out with someone at the game-room!

So now, on to why I am here! I recently ran into this young lady at a listening session and was outwardly stricken by her beauty as many many many of you will be…but when the engineer pressed play, it’s like everyone in the room just paused! Believe me or not this young lady is gonna make history in this industry, and it would have been my pleasure to have known her before she is global! Take the journey on the road to “Glorie”, you won’t be disappointed….

But your gonna have to wait for a sample, a few labels are asking this one be hush hush for now! (wink) I’m gonna grab you all something though, that’s a promise!

Okay, where is the PR firm that reps this man?

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Um mm, can we just get a moment of Ur time please?  Stop this from becoming a complete PR catastrophe?

Hmm, very interesting interview…

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Man, it just makes sense when you talk about his choice to ride in Business, c’mon folks…we are talking dollars and sense here…Get to the money, if the money comes first, then get the power…whatever your selection, carry it out to the fullest…one and only one thing is for certain…not everyone will be pleased with your moves….

Chess anyone?

Hey, some ish just belongs on SNL!

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Just watch this unbelievable but very serious situation thats happening as you read this!  LOL

All together now…Lets go fishing for gold, lithium, and anything else…

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I dont usually write or post about government issues, specially the ones being told to us about the so called preventive measures, being taken on the “War on Terror” wink wink, ya know the issues G.W. Bush left the Obama administration to tackle.  Trust me, there is a whole story on the funny ish tied into that BS right along with Obama leaving Bush’s Patriot Act in place.  Yea people, get it together, read that document that passed so smoothly, many of you didn’t even know it was being considered, yet alone passed to become law, the law which has replaced your constitutional rights…lol, Thats right folks.  You dumb asses still think we have rights given to us by the constitution!  You think so?  Hmmmm, Thats so interesting!  Well be it not my issue to try and change the entire outlook of the american people, but to those of you that will listen and seek the knowledge, there it is…

Now, on to the meat of the issue which caught my eye,  Seems while in the middle east, protecting America from the bad guys, using the lives of our brothers and sisters to so called protect that American ideology,  we stumble up on mineral mining fields that trump any of the former ones we use know, i think, lol, or at least big enough to place in a story on the front page of yahoo, ya know, report it but not as a national interest.  Well folks, that is very interesting.  We have time to do tests for things like that over there?  Another story, indeed, but real talk, I see about a million things this discovery is going to do for business in the U.S.  And a million things it will not be able to do for the economy of the country it actually belongs to.

If you care, click here for the full story

Daaayyyyuuuum, bet some of you get your blog going now….!

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For what I read today on, bloggers are starting to get to the money!!!  I mean hats off to and…they been getting money for a minute now, but ish, they get this type of deal its on….lol, I will be standing outside next to a traffic light, waving a sign for my blog like those dudes during Tax season….lol.

Think thats funny huh, I don’t, neither does this man…Perez Hilton…his mind is about to make him $20 Mill…

Click Here for full Story….